BOP Cats

BOPCCP is a collaboration of council, animal and conservation organisations. Our aim is to manage the cat population in the Bay of Plenty Region over the next 24 months, so that the unowned cat population becomes significantly reduced in areas;

  • where cats pose a significant threat to wildlife through predation. In particular, where this involves endangered species or where a wildlife population is approaching a critical threshold beyond which it cannot recover.
  • where welfare of the cats is compromised
  • where cats present a public health risk to humans, either through the transmission of zoonotic disease (e.g. toxoplasmosis) or contamination of the environment (through urine, faeces)
  • where cats cause a public nuisance e.g. fighting, scavenging for food (at rubbish dumps, restaurants, hotels)
  • where cats present a risk to other cats through the transmission of disease (e.g. viruses)

Cat management is a complex and emotional issue and we know that collaboration is essential for a community wide project such as this to be successful in our region.

The project is being managed out of the Rotorua SPCA in collaboration with ARRC Wildlife, Regional BOP Council, Lakes Council, Tauranga Council, DOC, VETPlus Rotorua, SPCA’s in Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki.

The BOPCCP works with local businesses, vets and the public to provide resources and a community based approach to manage the stray / unowned cat problem. If unowned cats continue to breed without intervention, their population grows at an alarming rate.

Cats are caught, de-sexed and adopted (if suitable). Where their presence is of benefit to the local community and they do not impact on local wildlife such as industrial areas where these cats are beneficial in the control of pest species, cats are adopted and cared for in their original environment. If cats are diseased and unsuitable for adoption then they are humanely euthanased.

The long term benefits of this project are:

  • Prevention of unwanted litters of kittens.
  • Reduction of the numbers of unowned cats.
  • An avenue for the local community to have constructive
    input and an opportunity to rescue and rehabilitate cats.
  • Promotion of responsible pet ownership.
  • Minimizing the impact of stray cats on local wildlife.
  • Promoting cat welfare and creating a healthier environment for pet cats.


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