What does the BOPCCP do?

The BOPCCP is a collaboration of related animal and conservation agencies dedicated to reducing the suffering and overpopulation of unowned, abandoned cats through free, humane Trap-Neuter-Adopt strategies. We believe it is our responsibility, as a community, to care for cats that have been forced, through human abandonment or failure to spay and neuter, to live outdoors.

Can unowned cats be socialised and adopted into homes?

YES. If found young enough most can become sociable and great members of our families. Where they become too old and have had minimal contact with people, they are not socialized, and cannot become pets. Unowned cats relinquished to shelters with these behaviours are nearly always humanely euthanased unless they rejoin a colony that has a caretaker. We will use our SPCA network and ARRC in Tauranga to facilitate adoption of unowned cats.

Does the BOPCCP foster unowned kittens for adoption?

YES. If taken from their mothers at a young age (after weaning but before they reach 10 weeks of age), unowned kittens can often be tamed, spayed or neutered, and adopted.

Is the BOPCCP a shelter for unowned cats?

NO. We coordinate between The Rotorua SPCA, ARRC, Regional Council, Local Council and Department of Conservation to assist the public on ways to help unowned cats in our community. We focus on reducing the growth of unowned cat communities through humane strategies. We will work closely with other SPCA branches and ARRC to assist with the adoption of cats through their shelters.

What will happen to the cats trapped?

All cats trapped will be vet assessed and health checked. They will then be de-sexed, micro-chipped, ear tipped and prepared ready for adoption, either by a carer to form a managed cat colony or by a member of the community as a member of their family.

How many are likely to be euthanased and why?

It is expected that only the very old or sick and injured cats are likely to be euthanased or if their temperament is displaying feral or wild behaviour and we cannot find a suitable carer in the community to feed them.

Will some cats be adopted or will all the remaining cats be released back into their original environment?

This will depend entirely on the location of each colony and its impact on the environment in which they have been removed. For instance if the cats are removed from a very sensitive Native Bird reserve then none of the trapped cats will be returned to that location. However, it is expected that usually the colony once processed will be returned back to their original location and adopted back to a carer.

What is ear tipping?

All cats to be returned will be ear tipped, have the top of right ear removed, be de-sexed and will be micro-chipped and registered prior to adoption.

What is a corporate owner of a colony?

All colonies will become “owned” cat colonies with an owner/guardian found for the colony, through either private or corporate contacts. A corporate owner is a person/business that will take responsibility to act as guardian for a cat colony.

Are donations to the BOPCCP tax-deductible?

YES. Tax-deductible donations are welcome and needed, and go directly to providing free spay/neuter services to unowned cats in need.

How do I become a BOPCCP volunteer?

Please complete and submit our volunteer questionnaire.

How old do kittens have to be to undergo spay/neuter surgery?

To be sterilized at our spay/neuter clinic, kittens must weigh one kilogramme (1kg). They usually reach this weight at eight to ten weeks of age.